Follow your own path

Right now my head is full of ideas I want to share with all of you. One of these is the idea of your own path. Every single human has his or her own path to follow. Whether you know it or not you are on some kind of path.

It’s important that the path you follow is what you truly want and makes you happy.

Recently, i keep thinking a lot about how people live there lives and what they do for a living and whether they are happy with it or not.

I also look at my own self and think about where I’m going. I have chosen my path. I like my path.

Yes, there is a path of life -your life-, but also a path you take for a project … like a blog.

If you read older articles of this blog, you’ll notice, that the blog was not started this year, but years ago. I posted some articles with a lot of time between them, always asking myself if the things I talk about are worth it.

But to go back on track – yes also this article is following some kind of path – and i want to talk about my thoughts about the path that I take for this blog.

I’d like to share some ideas, thoughts and stuff with you, that helped me and may help you too. I don’t write for a big audience, but for people like you who like my style of writing and like to connect with me. Even if it’s only one true fan I keep writing for. It’s better to have one true reader I can help than hundreds, who don’t get anything out of my words.

I am fascinated by the idea of minimalism, so that’s part of the path where this blog is heading. What minimalism means for me and what it means for my life or your life is what you’ll read on this blog.

I invite you to follow your own path by joining me. If you decide that this blog may help you to follow your own path, that’s fine, if not, that’s fine, too. It’s your decision.

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