How to motivate yourself for writing

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

 Zig Ziglar

This is the article i need myself. To not let the blog sleep and finally die, the writer should post regulary. A reader who checks the blog and does not see any new content is faster as you can imagine an ex-reader. Maybe he never comes back, is not interested in the website anymore because of the lack of new articles. So i think it’s quite important to post regulary. The perfect routine would be to write every single day one good article. But i decided thats to often for me at the beginning. You have to have always something to say. And yes, I’m full of ideas, but it’s hard to blog every single day. So it’s better to do it regulary than to start like a pro and after two weeks of writing decide to stop blogging. So here is my plan: two articles per week is my goal.

But now back to our topic on How to motivate yourself for writing.

First of all: Whats your Goal? Find out if writing is really the thing you want to do.

Think about your goal. For me writing is fun, the more you are into it the more fun it is. I love to write, i love to write on this blog, i love to interact with my readers and i love to develop this blog from almost zero readers to many many of them. This is what i want. 

I know that i realy want to do it. But what can i do to be motivated all the way. This is only the second article since the restart of the blog and there are more and more to be written. But the good thing is: I do not have to motivate me for all of the articles to write. I only write one article after the other and not all today.

So how do i get my motivation for the next article?  Motivation can come from the people. One good thing of a blog is, that readers can interact with the author instantly. And even if there are not that many readers at the beginning, they may interact with you, by writing you a comment, a mail or interacting with you via facebook. You can invite your friends to read your blog and get feedback from them as well. Thats motivation for me :-)

Just do it! Thats very important to me. If i start writing, the words come by themself. So just start whether the idea is good or not is the best way to go further and develop some articles. The writing does not have to be the best on the planet. You may develop your writing over time. So just start doing it.

Keep thinking on how to motivate yourself gives you motivation. And the best way you can do this is to

 Write an article about „How to motivate yourself for writing“. :-)

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