9 Steps Towards Greatness

What key-features you need to find the greatness inside of you.

1. Stop thinking bad about yourself

You know yourself better than anybody else and may know all the power and weakness inside of you. It’s not good to fight against your weakness, it’s better to use your strength, which leads us to the next point.

2. Don’t force yourself.

We are often told, that it’s good to force yourself, to fight against your weakness. If you work hard, then you’ll accomplish what you want. That may happen, yes, but I’ll say, you never find your own greatness this way. The better way is to…

3. Find the key to self-motivation.

Yesterday I went running – no big distance. I just ran. My body felt like not wanting to run after a while and the air was hot and wet. I gave myself the freedom to stop running if I wanted. But I wanted to run, without forcing myself. I listened to my body and decided .. okay.. let’s try how far we good but not too far. I then ran 2 times longer than I first planned.
It’s all about the thinking. Why thinking negative? And I even didn’t forced myself to motivation. It’s a natural motivation which is not easy to find but if you find it, you’ll have fun and power to walk on the path to greatness in freedom.

4. Repeat moments of power

Moments of power are moments where there is no need of forcing yourself and the motivation comes naturally but not forced. You feel great by having that moment, like I feel great right now writing this article :-)
If there is any possibility to repeat what gives you energy and leads you to greatness, do it. Never let routines ruin your Life, but create routines, that makes your Life better. So it’s not a question if the things that we constantly do are great, but its the answer to repeat great things and you will rock the planet. More on that in the future.

5. Be aware of the greatness in you.

You already have it. Think big about yourself :-) Just do great things to develop even more greatness. Just do it. Start with the simple things. Don’t make a plan to be great one day in the future. Be great today. If you can’t find the greatness today, how will it reach you in the future? It won’t happen.

6. Share your greatness with other people.

Find out, who likes your kind of greatness and connect with those people. Some may not realise your greatness, but others will. You need supporters. Don’t fight for yourself against people, but rather help people, by motivating them.

7. Look for the greatness in the people you meet, in the nature and your surroundings.

That could be the first point on my list, cause to have an eye for greatness in others makes it more easy to realize the greatness in you. But, never think to big about the greatness of other people or to bad about it, don’t judge. Take it for motivation to find your own. Cause YOU have your own greatness.

8. Take the first step.

I think the way to greatness is not easy to find, but it’s worth to search for it. If you just realize, that you have greatness in you, than thats a good start. Wonderful.
That’s everything I wanted with this article, to make you aware of the greatness in you.

9. Smile.

Just smile at yourself in the mirror and realise that someone elses greatness created you the way you are.

I’m very interested in what you think about greatness.
Tell me your own thoughts on greatness if you like.

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Think Big about yourself

or „Find your own greatness“

If you start thinking big about yourself, real magic happens.
People will recognise your greatness and the most important thing is: You will recognise your greatness yourself.

You have the ability for greatness.
You just have to find it.
Sometimes it’s even more simple.
The greatness is right there, reachable.
Right there, where your heart is.

So I think searching for this greatness, for this power in you is one of the most important things you can do to be happy.

There is greatness inside of me, I truely know that. It just wants to show itself to the world and to myself.

Think Big about yourself. Let the Greatness: the connection of your abilities, your expertise and your power for action just happen.

Take action.


There will be no future for that.

There is no time for later.

There is only this second to decide.

Be Great, Be Yourself and Be Happy :-)

Think Big.