Think Big about yourself

or „Find your own greatness“

If you start thinking big about yourself, real magic happens.
People will recognise your greatness and the most important thing is: You will recognise your greatness yourself.

You have the ability for greatness.
You just have to find it.
Sometimes it’s even more simple.
The greatness is right there, reachable.
Right there, where your heart is.

So I think searching for this greatness, for this power in you is one of the most important things you can do to be happy.

There is greatness inside of me, I truely know that. It just wants to show itself to the world and to myself.

Think Big about yourself. Let the Greatness: the connection of your abilities, your expertise and your power for action just happen.

Take action.


There will be no future for that.

There is no time for later.

There is only this second to decide.

Be Great, Be Yourself and Be Happy :-)

Think Big.

2 Antworten

  1. Hi, Andy,

    wollte gerade twittern „@monkeyofhope Komm´mach uns ´ne Freude und schreib uns wieder mal einen Artikel. Uns geht hier langsam der #Lesestoff aus ;-D“ und einen Link setzen und was sehe ich da? Du bist mir zuvor gekommen und hast mir meinen Wunsch schon erfüllt. Danke.

    „There is greatness inside of YOU, I truely know that. It just wants to show itself to the world and to YOURSELF.“, um es mit Deinen Worten zu sagen ;-)

    #rockon, ich lese Dich gerne,


  2. Danke Thomas :-)
    so macht das Schreiben gleicht doppelt so viel Spaß, es wird auch nicht der letzte Artikel über „Greatness“ gewesen sein, du darfst also gespannt sein und für #Lesestoff wird der Monkey schon sorgen :-)
    LG Monkey

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