Why i love the morning

I love to get up early.

A new day is born. All is fresh, all is new. There is so much time in this wonderful new day. A day is like a little Life. And if those days and little Life’s are concatenated they become my Life. And of course there are more things that make my Life great, but one of it is definitely a wonderful morning. Without a great start, i miss something over the day. Right now, i listen to music, while writing these lines. I feel very good. I am energised to go to work, what i have to do soon.

An early morning is one wonderful moment in a day. And there are more wonderful moments. What if all these little wonderful moments where manifested in every single day? What if it where possible to create those moments every little life (every day)? And I think it is possible. I definitely want those moments. Sometimes great moments just appear out of nothing. And I think to have more of those moments, the start of the day is essential. That’s why I love the morning of my little Life: Today.



It’s right there, the sun. I am very happy to feel it on my skin. Sunrays are welcome to me.

Have you ever thought about not having the sun at all?

I like the sun.

It gives power and light and life to the earth.

To enjoy the sun remembers me of Diogenes who lived in a tub and had this conversation with Alexander the king.

Alexander said, „Have you no favor to ask of me?“
„Yes,“ Diogenes replied, „to get out of my sunlight.“