The Art to enjoy Life

„Life is not in the past, nor in the future, it’s in the presence.“ – ar

Right now, I’m sitting at a table of a Cafe in fresh air. It’s a wonderful sunny day. I’m sitting here with my MacBook in the shadow, listening to music. I love to write, ‚cause today i’ll post a new article to my blog, this one.

I love these moments. They remind me that Life is one wonderful thing. It’s important to celebrate them. I love to be right here, sitting at this very table writing.
Not all moments in my Life are like this lovely relaxing and productive moment. But I can create them. I call this the Art to enjoy Life.

Sometimes you get distracted by so many things in Life. And then you have no time or take no time for yourself. This time I’m having right now makes me feel like it’s my time. It’s not just relaxing but beeing creative and productive. To do something that is worth it -whatever it is- is the key part for having joy. I don’t find joy, sunbirthing for a week even if thouse sunny moments at a lake are just wonderful. I also don’t want to write for hours today. To find joy in this very moment is art. And realising that this moment gives you joy is important.

If I go to the movies, I’m also having joy, but it’s a joy of distraction. There is nothing wrong with it. But it is not replacable with the joy of this moment. I think one should integrate thouse moments in Life whereever possible.
They are the key to a creative mindset.

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