The Beginning of something new

Every new year seems to be the beginning of something new. So does this year. The numbers 2 0 1 0 i just like. This year is great. Every Year seems to be greater than that before. So this time i do not write about the things that may happen this year, but i write about them while they are happening.

I want to share with you something. I want to share with you a part of my life, some thoughts that come to my head. Some interesting ideas. Some new philosophy and mayby some philosophical views of life.

To be honest, i want to share with you a lot, but as you know. This is the Internet. I am not as free as I am as I write for myself. What I write here should be printable in the newspapers, live on CNN. To write something on the Internet which is not good to be known by hundred and thousands of people than the Internet is the wrong place for it.

Yes, the Internet gives something like anonymity, but this anonymity is no real one.

Thats enough for now. More of my thoughts will follow someday soon.

2 Antworten

  1. anna sagt:

    gimme, gimme more!
    und bitte schreib ruhig auf deutsch!
    oder schick mir die texte vorher zur korrektur :) (ernstgemeintes angebot! ich würde mir die arbeit echt machen, weil mich deine texte ansprechen und ich deine gedanken geil finde und gut nachvollziehen kann!)

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