How to stick to a schedule

In order to post regularly, it’s necessary to stick to a schedule.

I try to keep it and post every Monday and Thursday.

My dream is to write every single day and then have enough to post on those two days. The best thing would be, to have several articles and then only post the best and maybe develop the others further.

Right now I’m writing this article with only 5 minutes to go. It’s more important for me to write regularly than not to write at all but only dream of writing perfect article.

So if you know whats important to you and to keep your blog alive, just do that. Everything else may develop later and I’m looking forward to have more time to write to bring my articles one level further.

But at this moment in time I’m just happy with what I created.


This goal has changed. I have no blogging-goal anymore but rather write as I feel to write. A plan should always be helpful, not hinder you.


The Power of doing

Right now, I have less than half an hour to write this article. After that I go to work, but want to post it today. It’s one of the hottest days of the year here in Germany and I’m sitting outside, drinking a cup of coffee.

So I decided to write something that is not perfect, but just written.

The ability to write better and more helpful articles will develop over time. I’m shure.

So the key-part of blogging for me is to write on a schedule. I call this the Power of doing. The most important part to keep a blog alive is blogging regulary.

If you write, whether it’s good or bad, but you are on your path to greatness, you’ll succeed.

Keep it simple and do it. Don’t dream of doing it perfect and then not even start.