What about failing?

It’s not easy, to answer this question. It’s not that easy at all. It’s all about how you live your life. What’s important to you, and what’s not. If you keep trying to reach a goal which is not really important to you, it can be very very hard to reach it. Maybe you’ll reach it never.
But if you want to reach something with all your heart, there is power behind it.

But what if you are some lazy guy, who enjoys the present and dreams about the future, but procrastinate things, like i used to do the last years. I’m in a process, where i develop my skills in living my life, reaching my goals and one part of the process is this blog, to talk about it and get the feedback of others.

There are more complex answers and this blog is on life, to reach goals, so some articles may be a part of the answer to your life. The best and short answer on that question is, to never never give up. Yes, you can make a break on reaching your goal, but don’t give up if you fail. You may try something new, go a new way, but don’t give up. And try to find out, how to reach your goal. But never give up. You have to find your way. There are many ways to reach a goal.

This is what i want to talk about in this blog. To find the best ways, which really work, to reach your goals.

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You wrote a blog for me?!! *feels special* *grins* The thing is, when you’ve hoped and dreamed and tried and tried and thought and tried some more, and still fail, there is a tendancy to get depressed and unmotivated… and then if you DO get the oomph together to try again, and fail again, then it’s even harder to try yet again.. I know you learn a lot from failure, perhaps more than from success, but it still hurts…

I think it depends on what kind of goal it is. I ones tried to learn plying Guitar. I tried for many years. But at last a got to realize it wasn’t my thing. I gave up. But there are goals to be reached regardless of the number of mistakes we make. Well… The life may hurt. But if it hurts, it goes on…

I think you are right. Reaching a goal is not a matter how long you take, but that you take it. There is a chinese proverb: ‚Also a journey of thousend miles starts with just a step.‘
Nevertheless there are times where you have to intensify your effort.
I believe in these times you have to be aware that reaching goals has times of asceticism. You just earn this goal if you give all at the right time in the right time range. After that if you didn’t earn it, it’s not sad, because you can say, you have all given and at the next time under other circumstances it will be yours.

I was actaully very surprised to find a description of a way of life that basically describes my personality by typing into google the phrase „hope is a monkey“.

The way of life being a lazy guy lazy guy, who enjoys the present and dreams about the future, but procrastinate things, like“ I still do.

I happened upon the phrase hope is a monkey while dreaming last night. It kept running through my dream over, and over, and over again.

Strange days indeed.

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