Why having less can set you free

We use to have lots of stuff. We want it, we buy it, we have it.
Generations before us did never have this amount of things like we own today.

And there is nothing wrong with having as much stuff as you want.

But…Do you think that the stuff you posess makes you happy? Or do you think it gives you security?
I also had a big wishlist in my head of „nice to have’s“ And even if I never would buy it, it was still in my head.

I realised that wanting more of things you don’t have makes you wanting to have even more stuff if you get them.

On the contrary, to reduce your stuff  and wanting less gives you the opportunity to proof to yourself that you don’t need all that stuff, that you don’t even want to buy more stuff, but instead give your friends and family and your actions you are truely passionate about more time and energy.

That leads to a Life where you don’t need that Big-Money-Job but instead work on a job that you truely love.

You will realise that the things you own are enough which makes you feel kind of rich, cause you have everything you need already.

Nice to read: The essay „Stuff“ by Paul Graham

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