How to reach a goal

Make sure, you really want to reach that goal
If you have a goal that you want to reach, you have to make sure, that you really want to reach it.
Ask yourself the Questions: Why do i want to reach that goal? What are the advantages of it, what are the disadvantages? Do i really want to spend the time i need for it? Can i reach the goal? Make the goal your goal. Otherwise it may only be a dream which never comes true.

Make a Plan, visualize it
A good plan is absolutely necessary. Write your goal down. It’s good, to be aware, what you really want. It’s your goal. You can do this on paper or digital. I use Keynote to keep focused. For some people, written plans may help. For me, i need visualized and simple plans. A plan on which you don’t look, is no good plan. Make a plan you like. And keep it simple. If the plan is to complicated, you don’t read it. Use your imagination and creativity. Mindmaps may also work. Find out what technique fits best for you and fix on it.

Set milestones
By separating your goals into smaller parts, you’ll reach your goal step by step. Milestones are micro goals.

Set a time limit!
Define when you want to reach the goal. It is very important, to focus on that date.

Start now!
Don’t procrastinate the beginning of reaching your goal. To get on top of a mountain, you have to climb. To reach your goal, you have to start climbing. But before you climb, you should know how to climb, have the right equipment. Make sure everything is there for you and then start!

Track your success
Make sure, you know every step to the top of the hill.

If you reached your goal, celebrate!
You have done everything to reach that goal, so invite some friends, make a party, cook something very special. By celebrating we make sure, that it’s cool to reach goals.

You may have also advice what’s important for reaching a goal. What helps you to reach a goal?

2 Antworten auf „How to reach a goal“

I know excactly what you mean. I used to not reach my goals, day by day. Some of them yes, but not the most. It’s not easy to find out how to reach your goals. I’ll write on that later.
One thing with your goals is, that they should be realistic. Start with your daily goals. Make easy reachable goals, but write them down. If you have a goal which you don’t reach the most days, but it’s very important to you if you think about it. Try to keep it. This one. And then go to the next one :-) I’ll write an article about how i am going to reach my goals or how i reached some of them.

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