This blog is about Life

Hello and welcome to this very first post on my new blog about life and especially on how to reach your goals in life and make the future come true.
You may ask yourself, what this blog will be like. And I can’t tell you yet. I have lots of ideas I keep thinking of, topics I want to write about and experiences I want to share with you. Let me try to show you the future of this blog, so that you get an idea of it.


This blog is a kind of a growing, rising and developing blog. I am very excited about it. I have blogged before, but not as regularly as I want to do in this blog. I am going to blog one article per day. I know that it will not be easy to find something worth writing about and still hold some quality level. And one other thing is going to be very interesting for me. I want to develop my english. I am german and live in Germany and as you may have noticed, my english is not the best yet. But over time, I am going to get better and better. So if there is bad writing or mistakes in my articles, you are free to report them to me. I am thankful for your help.

Let’s talk about goals in life. I have many goals, which I haven’t reached yet. Some are bigger, some are smaller. And I am looking forward to reach my goals. But this is not as easy as it seems to be as you keep thinking of your dreams.
In my case I dream, I have visions, and I am excited about them but then nothing happens. The problem with that is procrastination. I procrastinate my dreams for different reasons. May it be because I have no money, I have no time or whatever. I want to do so much and I think: yeah in the future i’ll start with this or that. The bad news is: There is no future. „What there is no future?“ You may think by reading this. And yes you are right. There is one. But not mine. There is a future I don’t want. The future I am going to expect is not my dream. The future is still in the future if I am in the future. And of course life is going on and everything works or don’t works. Yes, I am still alive. But what is with all my dreams, my visions with everything? They are unreachable, because they are there in the Future. I want to show you how I mange to reach my goals which were former dreams.

You may have dreams and goals too. You want your life be different, but it’s hard to change it. You have good ideas, but not enough power. You feel weak. You tried it over an over and you can’t do things as effective as you wish you could. And yes, there is not everything bad about life. But you want to live. Feel the life. And enjoy it. Or you want to find out, how other people live their life’s. Then you are right on this blog.

We will talk about life, about time, about how to feel happy by making plans and how to make the future happen today. We talk about developing habits and how to make dreams and visions to goals. We will talk about how to manage time, how to stop wasting time and how to live each day a pice of your future. We will talk about problems which hinder you to start the life you are dreaming of.

In the next article we will talk about a goal you really want to reach and what steps are necessary to reach it.

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I think your English is great! Obviously not perfect.. but pretty good considering you’re German! How much correction do you want? I can imagine it being kinda depressing getting a million feedbacks from pedantic people, but if you wanna improve then you’ve gotta find out what needs changing.. so.. do tell.. (*is willing to be chief pedant*)

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