What meadow has to do with the beauty of writing

Notice: I wrote this for myself while riding a train, but as i finished it i realized that I want to share this article with the world.

Meadow is kind of a wonderful word. For me as a German-speaking person, I love it. It sounds romantic to me. I think it’s like this because I first really recognized it by reading „The Time-travelers Wife“ which I never finished reading.

Today I stumbled upon it by researching all kinds of words that have to do with „edge“. So „the edge of the meadow“ was what I loved.

Isn’t it nice to read a word that feels alive?

I wish I could write in a deeper language in english, cause I feel the edge. I want to go further, to express myself in a way thats only possible in German for me so far. But whats better to improve my style and everything than to write in english. Write a lot. And then let it be read by natives. And then they tell me. So I can learn and improve and write and improve and get better every time I put my fingers on the keyboard.

But despite the lack of a great english, I am still able to write down my thoughts and share them with the world. By writing in english and having fun doing it, I have the mental-power to write more and more. Thats important to me.

Sometimes I think about only to write in German, cause here I can improve my style of writing as well. It’s not just in the words, but by putting powerful meaningful words together and not only give me the feeling of a flow, but also the reader. To feel the flow by reading a message on the net is the only way to attract someone in a true way. This feeling of flow as far as I can say is possible by the combination of two factors.

First. The interesting thoughts that get transported to the reader, which may help improving once thoughts.

Second. The style of writing, how sentences and words are combined, which words where chosen. Like Poetry. Like the rhetoric of a speech.

The thoughts are the most powerful thing I have to give, cause my thoughts are independent of language. People who like my style of thinking will follow me. But the rhetoric is very important, too. And with my small amount of english rhetoric power I am still capable to write stuff that may be read by some people and influence thinking.

So how to improve one and two? By writing. Writing is the one most important thing to get better in everything. Writing creates crazy thoughts that need to get formed into some beautiful something.

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