The power of fresh Ideas

Do you live your Life on this planet and wonder what might happen next?

Do you just go on with you Life and relax in thinking?

Do you do the same that everybody else is doing?

It feels like I invented myself several times. If I could meet myself in the past we would be two different people. Yes, very similar, but different.

There is change happening. Great change. The change is not coming by forcing it, but by exploring the great benefits of Life. By listening to your heart and by following your own path. And of course by fresh ideas. I read a lot stuff online, I think a lot about the people behind the blogs that I read and sometimes what they write is absolutely crazy. But that crazyness is also inside of me, maybe inside of you. Find out.

Participate. In. The. Net.

Yes, you may use Facebook and be there online all day klicking on „Like“-Buttons. But do you know what? Nothing is better than your own base in the net. It’s just your space, where you can unveil fresh mindblowing ideas.

I believe, there is a creator in everyone of us. Let him out. Write, make photos, videos or do whatever is creative. Don’t do it, because people may like it, but do it, because it’s your very own style. Find your style and rock on. Authenticity is more important that ever. No one wants to read some lame thing they are expecting, but mindblowing stuff which may turn readers away, but also creates some true fans.


Listen, People of the Internet

This is me, monkeyofhope writing some article on my blog.

You may have missed me, you may have never heard of me, you may have kissed me or will do or never meet me. You may be dreaming of me or dreaming without me. But you are reading my stuff right now.  I am here. Thats what I have to tell the world. It may be interesting to you or not. If so, keep reading. If not, just leave my blog. I don’t need readers, I just need a writer. That’ll be me :-)

I read lots of stuff online. I read some books. I keep reading. I collaborate in Facebook, I have twitter, which I don’t post as often as I post on facebook. I speak German as my first language and English second. I keep thinking to get better in english, so i don’t write sometimes. Who stops me? It’s me. But hey, it’s also me who is writing here.

So hey, it’s me telling you some random stuff which comes out of my brain. Now what? I love it. It’s some creative type of feeling I have. Why not write all the time like now?

You’ll her from me.


How to develop creativity

On the RoofCreativity is there, right in you. It’s there waiting to be activated. Sometimes people want to be creative, but fail because they give themself to much pressure. „Be creative now!“ – That can kill all creativity. But only if you let it. The problem with creativity is, that you have it when you don’t need it and need it, when you don’t have it. So there seem to be two ways to use creativity. The first one is to use the creativity when you have it. The second way is to get creativity when you need it to be, or in other words learn how to be creative.

What does creativity mean?
I found a quote wich i liked:

„Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.“
– Arthur Koestler

And thats true. If you are creative you create something new. Nobody ever told you how to do it. You are your own master. To be creative means for me, that you use all of your knowledge, all of your pesonality, all of your feelings all yourself and dream of something new. Let behind bondaries, get rid of the „normal“ behavior.
So to be creative is easy. You can be creative by inventing new words or writing down an article on how to develop creativity.

But creativity is not something that you only need once. You need it everyday. Take me, by writing this down, i am not that creative in the present, but was creative the days and weeks ans years before this article, because i always liked the subject creativity and thought a lot about it and tried to be creative for a long time. Successfully. I am creative. I feel very creative sometimes. I am sometimes amazed, what i write or say. And i think, that more people are creative and they don’t know it. They think they have stupid ideas or ideas that no one is interested in and so they are not interested in their own creative thoughts, because they seem to be stupid.

So whats wrong about beeing stupid? If you try something new, it seems to be very stupid if it’s against all you know or your surroundings may tell you, but it may be very creative. So if you are afraid of stupidy, you may also stop all of your creativity.

Don’t be afraid! If other people think: Ohh what a crazy idea/behavior, maybe you are on the right way. Thats why all the artists and cool people seem to be so crazy. Thats how i am creative myself. Never be afraid. First think: What could happen and if there is nothing bad about it, just do it, try it, write it.

In the future i am going to write more about beeing creative, but for today, just remember one thing: You are creative, cause you are a creation, just give your creativity more room in your life.