Listen, People of the Internet

This is me, monkeyofhope writing some article on my blog.

You may have missed me, you may have never heard of me, you may have kissed me or will do or never meet me. You may be dreaming of me or dreaming without me. But you are reading my stuff right now.  I am here. Thats what I have to tell the world. It may be interesting to you or not. If so, keep reading. If not, just leave my blog. I don’t need readers, I just need a writer. That’ll be me :-)

I read lots of stuff online. I read some books. I keep reading. I collaborate in Facebook, I have twitter, which I don’t post as often as I post on facebook. I speak German as my first language and English second. I keep thinking to get better in english, so i don’t write sometimes. Who stops me? It’s me. But hey, it’s also me who is writing here.

So hey, it’s me telling you some random stuff which comes out of my brain. Now what? I love it. It’s some creative type of feeling I have. Why not write all the time like now?

You’ll her from me.

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