We restart

Heli I am happy to announce, that this website, which is actually a blog is going to restart. There are 4 articles, over a year old. I keep them. I could delete them and start over, but hey, it’s part of the history and i like them.

The funny part: The second article „How to reach a goal“ should have been implemented on the goal to have a developing blog. But that didn’t happen. Old goals may sleep for a while. But hey, never give up, if it’s still a goal. It’s still my goal to have a blog i want to write for with fun, connect to people all over the world (thats why it is in english) and i’m very curious about whats happening with all this.

Till today i only dreamt about having a wonderful blog, a place of ideas and visions and goals shared with the whole world, open to everyone to discuss them, creating something new on the planet. And yes, i had one, a blog sitting on this domain and it was nice to conversate with people. It was in german, but it was kind of personal blog, most interesting for people who know me. I transfered it over to andreas.mobi one year ago, to make this domain free for a big project i would start. To start a wonderfull blog. A blog focused on topics like personal development and reaching your goals, reaching my goals. There are many and many of blogs out there focusing on such topics, and i do really like them. Speaking of Leo Babauta from the fabulous blog zenhabits.net or Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Workweek . But hey, everyone is different. I have my own story to tell. A story which starts in the present and reachs into the future. I want to take you with me on a travel into the future, and because i’m writing this articles in a personal view, i invite you into my future. So come on an join my future if you like. New Articles are following soon.

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Nice monkey, really nice. We just restarted our blog at the same time :) Ok, my blog wasn’t restarted, there is just one single entry and no entrys will follow soon, but.. It’s funny anyway that we both waited for so long to post a new entry at the same date!


And know what, you are the first new and cool visitor who participates by leaving a comment. Comments are always good for motivation. Some new articles will follow. And to have readers will let this blog grow over time with more and more readers. Without readers, there is no real motivation to write and write and write.

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