How to be yourself

At first it sounds quite easy for me to be myself. To be exactly what I am. To feel: Hey that’s me. But it’s not always easy.

First of all you have to listen to yourself, what you want, what you love, what you like. But that’s too much to write about here, so today I want to focus on being myself in writing.

Writing can be a thing that gives joy and happiness to my soul, cause being creative and generating some new shiny sentences is just wonderful. But it’s not always easy. During writing for the Web I often think how it is to be the reader of my articles. So I start seeing my articles through the eyes of other people.

– You may think „Yeah good point, focus on the readers.“ But i tell you to do the opposite. Just focus on yourself, on writing for yourself. You should like your own writing at first. Be your own fan. –

And then I focus on myself, focus on the thoughts in my head, feeling the inside stream of information flowing from my brain right to my fingers. Sometimes the thoughts create words -magically- in front of my eyes. Thouse are the moments, that I love on writing. Words create themselves. Me reading them live. Thinking. And wondering.

I think it is automatically after a while that my writing style and the topics of my articles are loved by my readers, cause readers who love them come back.

It’s better to have 10 readers and I write what and how I want it than to have 100 and I don’t feel being myself. To develop my own lovely writing style it’s a long way I think. But the most important reader should have fun reading my articles: myself.

So be your biggest fan, write for yourself, be yourself. Your audience will find you.

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