On writing naturally

I wrote tons of words to post a nice article on this blog today. But I didn’t like it. There was no flow.
So I write a new one. This article does not have to be better but it feels more like me.

To write naturally with not too much editing and still having something great to say is my personal dream of writing.

I don’t like to rearrange sentences till the hole article is some kind of thing I don’t like anymore.

Writing should be fun and I think this naturally writing, that feels like speaking makes writing just wonderful.

So feel the flow of writing, it’s important to have as much fun as possible while doing it and never stop. Some people on the planet may like your style. Just be yourself.


Why focus is important

To focus on the right thing is very important.


Because if you don’t really know what to focus on, you end up doing nothing but waiting for the right moment. When does this moment come? The answer?
Never. There is never a moment as good as now, to decide what to focus on.

One example is this blog. I started it at this domain monkeyofhope.com at February 1st 2008 (where my german blog was located, which is now at www.rilinger.com/de.) Thats two years! Two years since i startet my blog back in 2008. I had great visions on it. I wanted to blog and blog and blog and rock the internet. I thought „Life“ would be a good topic. And yes it is. Life is all about Life. I want to give the reader something worth reading and i want to write something i like to talk about. The thing is. I love it all. I read a lot of blogs. I read how to become a professional blogger, how to get readers and i always read that just producing good content is the main part for a successful blog. That’s partly true. The most important part of anything to focus on is: Just do it. Do it. Don’t always think about how to get better, how to be perfect. No! I think the development to a good writer is something that is far away.

The focus should be on: Do it, no matter how badly.

That said, i want to produce good content on this blog. Something worth to talk about. But be aware, my english is not perfect. And as silly as it is: Sometimes i only think about my english and that i can’t write like a native speaker and writer and because of this i don’t write anything. But hey. It’s better to write something in a bad english than not to write it. Not writing it means: Beeing afraid of making a mistake.

I’m ready.

I’m ready to make any language mistake in history, so feel free to give me advice. I listen to you.

I just want to do it, no matter how badly.


How to be yourself

At first it sounds quite easy for me to be myself. To be exactly what I am. To feel: Hey that’s me. But it’s not always easy.

First of all you have to listen to yourself, what you want, what you love, what you like. But that’s too much to write about here, so today I want to focus on being myself in writing.

Writing can be a thing that gives joy and happiness to my soul, cause being creative and generating some new shiny sentences is just wonderful. But it’s not always easy. During writing for the Web I often think how it is to be the reader of my articles. So I start seeing my articles through the eyes of other people.

– You may think „Yeah good point, focus on the readers.“ But i tell you to do the opposite. Just focus on yourself, on writing for yourself. You should like your own writing at first. Be your own fan. –

And then I focus on myself, focus on the thoughts in my head, feeling the inside stream of information flowing from my brain right to my fingers. Sometimes the thoughts create words -magically- in front of my eyes. Thouse are the moments, that I love on writing. Words create themselves. Me reading them live. Thinking. And wondering.

I think it is automatically after a while that my writing style and the topics of my articles are loved by my readers, cause readers who love them come back.

It’s better to have 10 readers and I write what and how I want it than to have 100 and I don’t feel being myself. To develop my own lovely writing style it’s a long way I think. But the most important reader should have fun reading my articles: myself.

So be your biggest fan, write for yourself, be yourself. Your audience will find you.


„Hello World! I want to be a writer.“

„Hello World! I want to be a writer.“ is what i postet on twitter today.

It’s what i truly want. It feels very good by thinking about beeing a writer. It feels better than anything else i can think of, that i could be. And that for a few reasons

1. I love to write.
2. I love people who do it.
3. I love to produce something.

By writing down this reasons it feels good inside, healthy, healing. It feels as if writing is made for me and not I for writing.

I wonder why i have not explored it before and i know why. Because i have not thought of it as a real dream. I thought it was possible to be a good writer but i thought that there would be something else for me to make money from. The fact is, that i don’t think in terms of making money in the first way, when i think of writing. It’s just the thing i want to do most.

One other reason why i have never startet to become a writer is the fact, that i have never been one. Yes of course, i have written some articles, i had the best fun of my life in school with writing. But that are not reasons for not to write but for writing. Yes, i have never developed a „writing habit“ as some people would name it, but thats no reason for not to begin. I love writing. Thats a reason to start with. If I had a successfull blog, or if i would write everyday, i already would be a writer. And yes, i’m not a writer right now, but i want to become one. I want to be one. From the bottom of my heart.


Why writing is fun

Writing is fun. 

To write down your thoughts, only limited by your imagination and the ability to express what you want to say is awesome. To write focused on a special topic is not that easy. And the topic you write about in a series of articles should not put you in a cage. You want to develop your writing? So what to do?

So the first step is to feel free in writing. Without the feeling of freedom while you write, writing is no fun.

On the other side, to be totally free makes you write about everything and nothing and for every publicum to no one. So it’s still important to focus on a topic and keep the people in mind you are writing for. And of course: the motivation behind your writing is also important. I want to write helpful articles, that  people read and get something out of them by having fun reading them. So writing is more fun, if your readers have fun as well.

And the more articles I write, the more I can answer why writing is fun. I’m still at the beginning of this blog and more articles are going to be written, but here are my expectations why writing could be fun:

  • you learn something from your own writing by writing down your thoughts in an accurate way
  • you read topic-realated articles and books you write about and by that learn more and more
  • you grow in your writing and feel the process of development
  • you learn a better english and because of that have mor fun writing in english (especially as a non-native-speaker)
  • you can read old articles of yourself just to see how you expressed yourself decades ago
  • you may interact with your readers and by that get fresh ideas
  • you may produce something of value and feel the success of of your own writing independently of readers or people, but simple by the fact that you produced something new
  • it’s fun, because its communikation
  • it’s your voice to the world
  • you feel integrated in the big group of writers, bloggers and thinkers all over the planet


So writing is fun, cause i like to write. I really love it. To write something usefull is even more fun. And to write to a bigger group of people and not only one person is a different type of communication. I love communication and this special type of communication is much fun.