Why focus is important

To focus on the right thing is very important. Why? Because if you don’t really know what to focus on, you end up doing nothing but waiting for the right moment. When does this moment come? The answer? Never. There is never a moment as good as now, to decide what to focus on. One example is this […]

How to be yourself

At first it sounds quite easy for me to be myself. To be exactly what I am. To feel: Hey that’s me. But it’s not always easy. First of all you have to listen to yourself, what you want, what you love, what you like. But that’s too much to write about here, so today […]

You don’t need to be perfect

Just one hour ago i got an idea that stuck in my head: I don’t need to be perfect. Why on earth am i not writing articles for my so important project called: monkey of hope blog? Because i want to be perfect. And by beeing perfect i don’t talkt about perfect use of the […]

Why writing is fun

Writing is fun.  To write down your thoughts, only limited by your imagination and the ability to express what you want to say is awesome. To write focused on a special topic is not that easy. And the topic you write about in a series of articles should not put you in a cage. You […]