You don’t need to be perfect

Just one hour ago i got an idea that stuck in my head: I don’t need to be perfect.

Why on earth am i not writing articles for my so important project called: monkey of hope blog?
Because i want to be perfect. And by beeing perfect i don’t talkt about perfect use of the english language or perfect articles or so on. I talk about beeing perfect in a way that i write usefull content. And yes. Thats what i still want to do, but not the perfect way, just the imperfect way. Because if perfect means not to write and wait till another day, cause you have no perfect ideas or you don’t have time to describe your ideas or whatever or if you think… you should write articles for the future to have articles in the background which you can use when you need them. This all means, that you don’t write, because you just have wishes how it should be.

To write or not to write thats the question.

So beeing imperfect is the way of writing i want to follow. To write about things you love to write about and having fun, even if nobody wants to read them, thats a way better than to write nothing.

Having fun is the key.


Why a slow growing blog is good for me

I thought about this blog, about what it’s going to be someday and what it’s now. I thought that I’m happy to have not so many readers after this blog just had started. The reasons why I like slow success for this blog are simple.

First there is the english language. I use simple english and am not able to express myself like I do in german. If I write in german, it happens, that there is a flow… where I write and I write and I write. In english, I like to write too. But the fact that I write a blog let’s me think the hole time about if this or that sentence is good or not. So there is no real flow happening. And because that I read english websites I know the lack in my use of the english language very well. But I am not the person who corrects each sentence word for word. I just want to write. Of course, I have to structure the sentences and topics, but this is the start of my blog. Trying to be professional in any way will kill it. That was the reason why it should wait till lots of people read all of this. But over time as my english develops, and when my thoughts touch the reader, there’ll be more readers. So if you read this and this article is very new, you are special, because you are one of the early readers of this english blog.

And the second thing is the content. I am not an expert in life. I just started to find out how to get new habits which give me the power to live the life I want. So yes, I think a lot about life, how I don’t waste my time. What goals I want to reach and how I can use my time in a way I like when I look back at it. So not to have to many readers makes it easy to develop my thoughts in a readable way as I clarify them to myself, structure them and write them down in a way that makes sense.

So I like the freedom to just develop both in this blog, the language and the content. And I promise you, that in one year of time, you’ll notice a difference in language and in content. I am looking forward to it.

So to see my blog growing slowly means as well, that it grows. And that is what I want: A growing blog with more and more readers. But that can wait.
Before I launched this blog I thought about how the start should look like. I decided, to have a two month initial phase where I do not have any goals. Even zero readers would be good. But as you read this before April, 1st, there is at least one reader. You :-)


This blog is about Life

Hello and welcome to this very first post on my new blog about life and especially on how to reach your goals in life and make the future come true.
You may ask yourself, what this blog will be like. And I can’t tell you yet. I have lots of ideas I keep thinking of, topics I want to write about and experiences I want to share with you. Let me try to show you the future of this blog, so that you get an idea of it.


This blog is a kind of a growing, rising and developing blog. I am very excited about it. I have blogged before, but not as regularly as I want to do in this blog. I am going to blog one article per day. I know that it will not be easy to find something worth writing about and still hold some quality level. And one other thing is going to be very interesting for me. I want to develop my english. I am german and live in Germany and as you may have noticed, my english is not the best yet. But over time, I am going to get better and better. So if there is bad writing or mistakes in my articles, you are free to report them to me. I am thankful for your help.

Let’s talk about goals in life. I have many goals, which I haven’t reached yet. Some are bigger, some are smaller. And I am looking forward to reach my goals. But this is not as easy as it seems to be as you keep thinking of your dreams.
In my case I dream, I have visions, and I am excited about them but then nothing happens. The problem with that is procrastination. I procrastinate my dreams for different reasons. May it be because I have no money, I have no time or whatever. I want to do so much and I think: yeah in the future i’ll start with this or that. The bad news is: There is no future. „What there is no future?“ You may think by reading this. And yes you are right. There is one. But not mine. There is a future I don’t want. The future I am going to expect is not my dream. The future is still in the future if I am in the future. And of course life is going on and everything works or don’t works. Yes, I am still alive. But what is with all my dreams, my visions with everything? They are unreachable, because they are there in the Future. I want to show you how I mange to reach my goals which were former dreams.

You may have dreams and goals too. You want your life be different, but it’s hard to change it. You have good ideas, but not enough power. You feel weak. You tried it over an over and you can’t do things as effective as you wish you could. And yes, there is not everything bad about life. But you want to live. Feel the life. And enjoy it. Or you want to find out, how other people live their life’s. Then you are right on this blog.

We will talk about life, about time, about how to feel happy by making plans and how to make the future happen today. We talk about developing habits and how to make dreams and visions to goals. We will talk about how to manage time, how to stop wasting time and how to live each day a pice of your future. We will talk about problems which hinder you to start the life you are dreaming of.

In the next article we will talk about a goal you really want to reach and what steps are necessary to reach it.