You don’t need to be perfect

Just one hour ago i got an idea that stuck in my head: I don’t need to be perfect.

Why on earth am i not writing articles for my so important project called: monkey of hope blog?
Because i want to be perfect. And by beeing perfect i don’t talkt about perfect use of the english language or perfect articles or so on. I talk about beeing perfect in a way that i write usefull content. And yes. Thats what i still want to do, but not the perfect way, just the imperfect way. Because if perfect means not to write and wait till another day, cause you have no perfect ideas or you don’t have time to describe your ideas or whatever or if you think… you should write articles for the future to have articles in the background which you can use when you need them. This all means, that you don’t write, because you just have wishes how it should be.

To write or not to write thats the question.

So beeing imperfect is the way of writing i want to follow. To write about things you love to write about and having fun, even if nobody wants to read them, thats a way better than to write nothing.

Having fun is the key.

5 Antworten auf „You don’t need to be perfect“

Okay, once again my friend I will leave a comment… Because I know how stupid it feels when nobody is reacting to your posts… And isn’t it easy to leave a comment?? Well, I totally agree on your „I don’t need to be perfect“ entry. I think the most important thing is that you write from your heart and that you are honest. I think that people can feel that and it touches them more than a perfect writing style… So don’t correct whatever you write… don’t wait till it’s perfect. JUST BLOG! =)

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