Why focus is important

To focus on the right thing is very important.


Because if you don’t really know what to focus on, you end up doing nothing but waiting for the right moment. When does this moment come? The answer?
Never. There is never a moment as good as now, to decide what to focus on.

One example is this blog. I started it at this domain monkeyofhope.com at February 1st 2008 (where my german blog was located, which is now at www.rilinger.com/de.) Thats two years! Two years since i startet my blog back in 2008. I had great visions on it. I wanted to blog and blog and blog and rock the internet. I thought „Life“ would be a good topic. And yes it is. Life is all about Life. I want to give the reader something worth reading and i want to write something i like to talk about. The thing is. I love it all. I read a lot of blogs. I read how to become a professional blogger, how to get readers and i always read that just producing good content is the main part for a successful blog. That’s partly true. The most important part of anything to focus on is: Just do it. Do it. Don’t always think about how to get better, how to be perfect. No! I think the development to a good writer is something that is far away.

The focus should be on: Do it, no matter how badly.

That said, i want to produce good content on this blog. Something worth to talk about. But be aware, my english is not perfect. And as silly as it is: Sometimes i only think about my english and that i can’t write like a native speaker and writer and because of this i don’t write anything. But hey. It’s better to write something in a bad english than not to write it. Not writing it means: Beeing afraid of making a mistake.

I’m ready.

I’m ready to make any language mistake in history, so feel free to give me advice. I listen to you.

I just want to do it, no matter how badly.

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